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I don’t have a race license, or I am not a member of any federation; can I race the Triathlon in Molveno?
Yes, if you are an Elite or an Age group athlete, you will be able to race in the “XTERRA Open category”.

I’m a Junior and don’t have a license or am not a member of any federation, can I race the cross duathlon or cross triathlon?
No, junior categories are only open for licensed athletes representing their federation. You can however race as an age group athlete aged 18-19 in the “XTERRA open category”.

I’m a non-European elite athlete, will I be eligible for any prize money?
Yes. Athletes registered in the Elite/U23 category for the European Championship or as Elite in the “XTERRA Open category“ will be eligible for the XTERRA Trentino Dolomiti Paganella 7500€ prize pot.

I’m racing in the Elite category representing my national federation, what prize money am I eligible for?
Elite/U23 European athletes registered through their federations will be eligible for the following prize pots:
- 1. Europe Triathlon Cross Duathlon Championship (Andalo): 6000€ for top 5 men and women
- 2. Europe Triathlon Cross Triathlon Championship (Molveno): 10000€ for Top 10 men and women
- 3. XTERRA Trenino Dolomiti Paganella: 7500€ for Top 5 men and women

I want to challenge for an XTERRA World Championship slot in Maui, which race should I enter?
XTERRA World Championship slots will be allocated for the Triathlon only. Slots will go to the overall top finishers in their respective age groups whether representing your federation or racing in the “XTERRA open category”. More info.

I am European but do not hold a federation license, am I able to race in the European Championship?
No. Only members and race licence holders of their national triathlon federation may race in the European Championship. All other athletes may race in the “XTERRA open category”.

I am an Elite athlete but do not hold a federation race license, can I race in the European Cross Duathlon Championship and be eligible for prize money?
No. You must acquire a race license through your federation. Alternatively, you may race in the “XTERRA open category” but only as an age group athlete and thus will not be eligible for any prize money or title.

I am an Elite athlete normally ranked in the top 10 of the XTERRA European Tour, do I receive a free entry as usual?
We will determine the top 10 ranked athletes by using the XTERRA World Ranking formula. Athletes with the top 10 performances of the year up to and including XTERRA Italy Lake Scanno will receive a free entry. Winners of all Short Track races will also receive a free entry. If you are racing in the “XTERRA open category” and listed as an invited Elite athlete, you will be provided with a free entry code. Please contact us.

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